Health Department Requirements For All Orlando Tattoo Shops

Are you thinking about opening a tattoo shop in Orlando? Tattoo shops are governed by the Florida Department of Health and must adhere to all codes and regulations. These regulations were updated in 2012 and are the most current health codes that impact Florida and Orlando tattoo shops. All tattoo artists must have a license from the Florida Department of Health. The license application may be obtained from the local county health department. No tattoo artist can operate within the State of Florida without a valid license from the health department. If a tattoo artist wishes to work in Florida on a temporary basis, they may request registration with the State of Florida.

All tattoo establishment must also be licensed by Florida. No business can operate or begin tattoo without a license from the state. Each license is good for one year and can be renewed annually. If a license if not renewed by the annual deadline, the license is considered expired and the shop cannot conduct operations. A temporary license may be issued for up to 14 days if a tattoo artist or shop wants to conduct operations somewhere other than their home county.

The Florida Health Department also governs the physical requirements of a tattoo shop. The shop must be a permanent facility, including walls, a ceiling, and a floor. All floors and walls in the facility area where the tattooing will be done must be built from easily cleanable, non-absorbent materials. The Florida health code also requires that the tattoo shop is regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Health code regulations require that a tattoo shop has a separate entrance and not have a direct opening into any other parts of a building that does not house the tattoo shop. Also, regulations state that no tattoo shop can be co-located where food is prepared. There can also be no eating or drinking in the area where the tattoos are done. The only exception to this is for administering first aid. No smoking is allowed anywhere in the tattoo shop.

Florida health code requires that every tattoo shop has an autoclave to sterilize all instruments and these instruments must be sterilized after each use. The health department requires that each tattoo shop keeps records of sterilization verification. These must be available for inspection.

If the tattoo shop uses single-use packages instruments, the shop does not need an autoclave. These single-use packages must also be made available for inspection and can not be used past the expiration date.

Orlando tattoo shops must also comply with the Florida Health Department requirement to keep certain records. These include all customer records, parental consent if tattooing a minor, autoclave maintenance and sterilization records, documents noting the sterilization methods used on single-use instruments if this information is not on the packaging and personnel records for every tattoo artist employed by the shop. These records must be maintained for at least two years.

All Orlando tattoo shops must comply with required health codes as determined by the Florida Department of Health. Tattoo shops must maintain all pertinent records, sterilize all instruments and have all appropriate licenses.