About the Blog

A action packed news blog bringing the latest information in the Healthcare field. Looking for ways to consult with big players in the Health care industry? You’ve come to the right place, The Abaris is a central location for all things HIPAA related as well as all things personal health related.

About the Author

Hey, there! My name is Susan Douglas and I’m obsessed with everything Healthcare. Ever since I was a kid watching my mom leave for work everyday as a registered nurse, I’ve been an avid knowledge freak. I grew up in Florida, have lived in 12 different cities in this beautiful state. Now I’ve had plenty of experience dealing with pharmacies as I watch over my 82 year old mother who frequently has refills. Over the years I have gathered plenty of opinions on the matter and want to provide that for you. On this blog you’ll see which brands I like to buy, what pharmacies I like, and I’ll even show you strategies when consulting in the Healthcare market. I chose the name Abaris for my blog as it is the nickname my mother gave me when I was just a child, she said it came to her in her sleep and it stuck.